CarGO All Plant
From €2.995,00

CarGO All Plant epitomises the Brian James Trailers approach to providing solutions.


There is nothing included that is not needed and nothing left out that is.  CarGO All Plant simply does what you expect. It works hard, long and safe.


Striving for perfection is part of the Brian James Trailers way. In order to find your  perfect trailer you can choose from a wide range of All Plant models, from a tough  single axle right up to a super robust tri-axle version.




Civil engineering, building and plant machinery transportation is tough work. It requires  a trailer capable of withstanding impacts, extreme wear and tear and at the same time  be able to cope with varying maintenance schedules.

Of particular interest to all operators is the highly stable towing resulting from correct weight distribution. The deck features an extra central support that even heaviest machinery such as road rollers can't damage. The tough and durable phenolic bonded industrial ply wood has a mesh grip pattern surface.


CarGO All Plant models provide the flexibility of a general purpose trailer that can  handle loose materials just as well an extensive range of machinery and equipment.

  • Spare wheel
  • Automatic reverse brake
  • Hi-visibility lighting
  • Hi-grip deck
  • Hot-dip steel chassis
  • 5 YEAR chassis warranty
  • Rope hooks 12mm
  • In board tie downs
  • High quality jockey wheel
  • Lowered chassis
  • Drop down ramp
  • Adjustable ramps
  • GVW: 1500 KG / 2700 KG / 3500 KG
  • Axes: 1 / 2 / 3
  • Load bed length: 2.65 mtr - 3.10 mtr - 3.70 mtr
  • Load bed width: 1.30 mtr - 1.60 mtr - 1.85 mtr
  • Electric winch and batter
  • Wheel stop bar
  • Rope hooks 12mm
  • In board tie downs
  • Storage box
  • High quality jockey wheel
  • Drop down ramp
  • Bucket support
  • Hydraulic tiltbed
  • Expandable supports
  • Manual winch
  • Coupleing headlock
  • Mesh kit
  • Closed mesh kit
  • Electric tiltbed
  • LED lighting
  • Shock absorbers
  • Bucket rest