CarGO Tipper
From €3.999,00

With ‘tough and safe’ defined as the key design goals, our engineers first brought the bed height down to help loading and tow-ability, then steel lined the deck for durability and low stick. The new range is also fitted with heavy duty electric hydraulic tipping equipment and has a remote control which allows the operator to stand back and safely view the drop zone. Finally, the design allows for the two loading ramps to be placed side by side, helping wheelbarrow loaders operate more efficiently and safely. Ramps are also designed for easily loading heavy machinery.

But making trailers tough doesn’t have to mean making them heavy; by choosing a very high grade steel, the designers have made the chassis stronger and lighter- which means more load capacity.

Special feature
The lightweight, double wall aluminium sides feature a specially developed auto-locking latch closing mechanism. Gone are any external fastenings or rudimentary catches. Another detail given careful consideration is to be found at the back of every tipper, where the top hinged tailboard features a quick-release mechanism for maximum flexibility and ease of operation.

  • Spare wheel - supplied with all CarGO tipper trailers
  • Ladder rack incorporating end stops and multiple tie-down points
  • Aluminium sides - very light and stronger than traditional steel sides
  • Sealed wheel bearings for reduced maintenance
  • Multiple attachment hooks for securing loads inboard with ratchet straps and rope hooks
  • Top hinged tail board with a unique retaining lock system to enable easy complete removal, or release
  • Storage box - ideal for keeping remote control and straps conveniently to hand
  • Independent suspension offers superior ride characteristics and long-term durability
  • Quick release sides with automatic closing locks, a new and unique system designed for ultra reliable performance
  • Heavy Duty bed of HD phenol ply decking with 2mm galvanised steel surface for total durability and avoidance of stick when tipping
  • Electric hydraulic pump, operated by remote control for safe operation
  • Power supplied by onboard battery c/w emergency jump lead kit
  • Safety stay support ensures safety of service personnel. Easily deployed and conveniently stowed when not in use
  • Largest stock of Brian James trailer in Europe.
  • Spare wheel
  • Automatic reverse brake
  • Hi-visibility lighting
  • Hot-dip steel chassis
  • 5 YEAR chassis warranty
  • High quality drop sides
  • Rope hooks 12mm
  • In board tie downs
  • Electric tiltbed
  • Double cylinder
  • Mesh front extensions
  • Storage box
  • High quality jockey wheel
  • Lowered chassis
  • Box in box chassis
  • Ramps in packs
  • Expandable supports
  • GVW: 2700KG - 3000KG - 3500KG
  • Axes: 2 - 3
  • Load bed length: 3.10 mtr - 3.60 mtr - 3.90 mtr
  • Load bed width: 1.64 mtr - 1.84 mtr
  • Electric winch and batter
  • High quality drop sides
  • Rope hooks 12mm
  • In board tie downs
  • Double cylinder
  • Storage box
  • Hydraulic tiltbed
  • Loading decks
  • Expandable supports
  • Manual winch
  • Coupleing headlock
  • Double sides
  • Mesh kit
  • Closed mesh kit
  • Remote controle
  • Net
  • Hydraulic tiltbed
  • Aluminium deck overlay
  • LED reverse lighting
  • LED high end interior